A Blog Post I Will Probably Regret

"Be like Aslan," she wrote.

I’m tired, y’all.

Tired of not fully understanding my French reading. Tired of not having proper time to go the the Rec. Tired of my phone being broken.

Above all, dear reader, I am tired of being a Millennial.

Not because I’m ashamed of my Millennial brothers and sisters. Not because I wish I was born in another era (that’s a whole other story). But because I’m tired of being bashed in popular media.

I read anotherarticle the other day which sarcastically mocked 20-somethings. And it just might have been the straw that broke the 20-something’s back.

Hi, I’m an entitled and broke 20-something and today I’m here to share with you some tips and tricks to grocery shopping on a budget that I’ve picked up over the past year and a half. You see, I graduated college a year and a half ago and, without meal plans or…

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50 People On ‘The One Story That Gives Me The Chills To This Day’

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My friend told me about something that happened to her when she was younger, about 8 or 9. She was walking home from school and got her key out to let herself in to the house. Her single mum worked and came home later on weekdays. As she reached up to put her key in the door her mum opened it, in dressing gown having left home sick. Instead of greeting her, she looked straight past my friend and immediately said “who are you?” My friend turned around and a man in a long coat hurried back down the path and down the street. Being ill that day had potentially saved her daughter from something potentially horrible happening to her.



Was talking to someone who was first on scene to the Virginia Tech massacre. He told me that although the sight of dead bodies was disturbing…

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How To Stop Caring So Much

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Start off by caring a lot. Put a great deal of time and energy into your appearance. Change outfits five times just to go to the deli. Second guess every statement you make and take back an opinion if someone disagrees with it. Put all of your self-worth into others. Give your self-esteem to your significant other and pray they don’t destroy it. They will. They did. You felt like you didn’t have a choice.

Get stressed out about the pile of dishes, if someone doesn’t text you back or respond to your message on Facebook. See everything as an opportunity for being disappointed or rejected. Spend most of your time thinking about how others will perceive your actions. Aren’t you exhausted? The war you’re in to love yourself is a war you cannot win.

Then one day, as if by magic, just stop. Stop caring. Something inside of you…

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Album: Black Sun, 4th Album
Release Date: May 15, 2007
Thoughts: Despite being a really good song, practically a classic, associated with this song is the most disturbing Music video I have EVER seen in my many years on this planet. I had nightmares for a year after I watched it and I only saw it ONE TIME.

(My brother is looking over my shoulder and tells me that I am a wuss)

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